40Th Birthday/first Marathon Cake For Man

This was a labor...emphasis on labor...of love for my daughter's friend's husband who was turning 40 on the day he ran his first marathon...the Route 66 marathon in Tulsa. The assignment was to celebrate his running and all the aspects of his life. So I came up with a spiral cake (my first) that showed a road and along the road were signposts depicting points in his life along the way. Lots of gum paste and fondant signage including the logo at the top. My first time making a figure like this. Good thing the logo was big enough to hide the bottom portion of it! He was floored. It was a surprise from his wife and he enjoyed going through his life in gum paste and cake! The spiral cake is surprisingly easy to do and I covered it in buttercream...including the road. Bottom cake is chocolate with ganache filling and top is French Vanilla with raspberry.


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