Golden Yellow Gift Box Cake

Golden Yellow Gift Box Cake on Cake Central

Bake two (2) 10 x 3 in round cakes and two (2) pillow pan shaped cake. Torte the round cakes into four and fill with your favorite filling. Create a dam or circle of icing just inside the edge of the cake. This will prevent any filling from seeping out when the next layer is added. I frosted the cakes using chocolate ganache. I really love frosting the cake with ganache compared to buttercream when covering the cake with fondant. It is true what the experts say that you can get that perfect sharp edges using ganache frosting. I placed the cakes in the refrigerator overnight (or 4 hours will do).

It took me about 8 hours to decorate the whole cake. Starting from the cake board, the bottom cake, the lid and the pillow cake. I put five (5) dowels on the bottom tier with the dowels cut slight higher than the cake, to make the open lid effect. I used styroform for the lid although I could have used a 10 x 2 in round cake instead.

Hope you like my creation this week!

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