Pink And Lime Green 15Th Bday

Pink And Lime Green 15Th Bday on Cake Central

Vanilla cake with vanilla custard filling. Fun cake to make :) Thanks for all the inspiration from CC members!

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Thank you @Emarie31 ‍ :)   I just saw your comment.  The number 15 is fondant with tylose added to stiffen it up.   I used my pc to print out the numbers on the size that I needed them (or you can buy a cookie cutter).  Roll out fondant slightly thick (I use the purple ring of the Wilton roller).  Use the templates printed from pc to cut out the numbers with an exacto knife.   I let this dry overnight, then roll out more of the same fondant cut out the same number again, place a lollipop stick on the back of the dried number, brush with water or edible glue and stick the fondant cutout on the back, pressing lightly to secure the stick in place.   You can also use floral wires for certain numbers, then simply insert a coffee stirrer/straw into the cake to insert the wire into (to prevent wire to come in contact with the cake).   Allow this to dry (this will be the back of the number (this way the front will be flat and smooth.  You can find some videos on this topic on you tube like this one.  She shows you different methods (