Bass / Fishing Cake

Bass / Fishing Cake on Cake Central

Had a lot of fun with this one! marbled the fondant with dark and light blue then added the brown sugar ("painted" on a mix of water and corn syrup first) and winged it from there! I had always wanted to do a cake that looked like a picture coming out at you, this was my very first one and I am thrilled with how it came out! The Bass started out white... I made paint with a smidgen of vodka and Wilton gel food coloring. I painted the fish and the rope. To shape the fish I looked at Google images of Bass; I found it easier to work off of an illustration vs. an actual picture of a bass. My boyfriend is an avid fisherman and having him on deck to help me with the coloring was great. I made an impression for the eye then rolled a little ball of fondant for it. The tan gill-thing, the upper lip and the fin were added on after I had formed the basic shape of the body. I used my fondant tools and the smallest circle cookie cutter i had to make the impressions all over the body (before placing it on the cake). I took A LOT of time on the painting to make sure I didn't splatter it on the cake. When I had put the fish on, I sliced a little into the blue fondant so that I could further the idea that the bass was really coming out at you from the water. The line from the bobber to the hook is butter cream icing. The rocks, bobber, hook and lake-weed are fondant. I put paper towels under the back fin to dry it in the position you see here. Thanks for looking and thanks to everyone for the continued inspiration on this site!!! :)


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