John Deere Tractor And Combine Harvesting

This was a birthday cake for my son's 3rd birthday. He is in love with John Deere tractors, and I promised him I was going to make him a John Deere tractor and combine harvesting as his cake. After some wonderful advice from some of you here on Cake Central, I was able to really nail the fondant draping this time (still a few bad spots) but overall this cake is the cleanest and smoothest cake I've ever done (so THANKS to all of you who gave me advice!!!). The inside cake layers are bright yellow and green, with bright yellow icing. It was served with bright yellow and green ice cream (I melted it and mixed in food coloring, then re-froze... saw that on foodnetwork!!:) The cornstalks are all fondant, with the actual corn cobs rolled in yellow round sprinkles. I used a black edible cake marker to add the "John Deere" name, as well as other details. The actual cake is 1000000% edible aside from the cake boards that the cake is sitting on, as we as the green foam holding the vehicles up. No dowell rods or anything in these cakes. The wheels are made of Rice Krispy Treats. Hope you like the cake everyone! Happy 3rd Birthday to my little guy!!!!!!! He loooved it!!!!!!

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