Holy Ammo, Trains & Automobiles!

Holy Ammo, Trains & Automobiles! This is a 3 tiered topsy turvy cake created to commemorate 3 birthdays from 3 different generations- what a great idea! The bottom layer is for the dad turning 38 who loves hunting- hence the ammo themed cover and bullets around the bottom of the first tier. (Its hard to see in the picture but the bottom cake is covered in a marbled fondant of brown, orange, green.) The 2nd tier represents the grandfather who turned 66 and loves all things hot rods! The top tier is for the grandson who is turning 3 and loves choo choo trains! The top of the 3rd tier has a big black/yellow RR sign with a numero 3. The only things that are not edible on this cake are the toy cars and choo choo train- those were toys bought for keepsakes. Unfortunately what you can't see in the pictures is that each of the bullets is painted with edible gold dust.


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