Topsy Turvy Baseball!

A friend of ours put on a huge birthday bash at our local baseball stadium for four other friends who were all having their birthdays within the next couple of days. 103-degree weather and a looooong bumpy drive made me super apprehensive about embarking on my first topsy-turvy cake ever (please see my posts regarding my mess-ups in the meantime!), but all's well that ends well :). Bottom tier was chocolate with peanut butter filling and dark chocolate ganache, middle tier was Macsmom's citrus twist (orange and lemon swirled cake with lemon curd and cheesecake filling ... sounded so good, I used it exactly as she described it, and loved it!), top tier was straight-up WASC with raspberry mousse filling. All details hand painted ... I included all four birthday people's names on the cake in two different places, puttiing their "autographs" on the top tier "ball", then I made a fondant list of the starting line up for the baseball team and included one of our friend's names as the pitcher (the general manager is the name of the guy who put on the birthday bash, hehe!); the other names are on the pennants and banners.The yoga "om" sign was because all of our friends are from the same yoga class. I can safely say that, given the fact that I almost stroked out trying to protect my cake from the inevitable sagging that accompanies this kind of heat and bumps (thank goodness for SPS!!!), I won't be doing another topsy turvy for a very long time ;). Based on mamacc's wonderful design. Thanks for your comments!


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