Bar-Mitzvah Cake - Movie Director Theme

Huge Bar-Mitzvah cake I did in Massachusetts this past weekend! The bar-mitzvah boy is a budding Movie Director and he wanted something that reflected this.

It was 3 10" cakes (chocolate, vanilla & lemon) with vanilla buttercream and fresh scratch-made raspberry filling.

The top of the movie reels are foam-core covered with fondant (then air-brushed silver) and then cut out to look like film reels. The film between the reels are still shots from one of the movies he's made which were then photo-shopped onto a film strip template.

The popcorn scattered around the cake was made with gumpaste/fondant and then colored with pearl dusts and gels to get that buttery popcorn look. The movie tickets are also gumpaste/fondant.

The Movie Directors Chair on top of the cake was made with wooden dowels that I cut to size, nailed and hot-glued together and then stained to look like real wood. The Directors megaphone (next to the chair) was made with a gumpaste/fondant mix.

I made the entire background to look like an old-time movie theater screen and the movie screen itself was photo-shopped to look like the green preview screen you see at the movies.


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