Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake

3 hours of sleep in 48 hours for this and a groom's cake... who do I think I am??? ugh... turned out this beautiful cake though. Bottom two tiers (14", 12") are styro followed by three topsy turvy, hour glass carved tiers. learned a lot. should've used larger tiers than regular topsy turvy scale because the bottom of the hour glass shape is wider than I planned so when I cut the holes I cut away so much cake only fondant was left to hold the angle and it didn't hold very well. (hope this makes sense) all tiers were as sharp as the top tier but lost the angles when I cut away cake. Still turned out beautiful. Thanks for looking! Any color discrepancy if from the flash bouncing off the mirrored table. Fondant was all one color thanks to kneading 20lbs of ivory...whew!!


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