3D Yoda Cake

This was the second Yoda cake I made. After doing a small figure on a round cake the first time around I got the confidence to try to do it bigger. The face was the part I was most concerned about so I did it over a few days, started over one or two times before I got it the way I wanted, which I think is pretty near perfect. The head is Rice Krispies Treats covered in fondant, with big tubes and balls of fondant under the fondant cover to create the ridges and texture. Then I free handed the deep crevices with a fondant tool and worked on the big eyebrow ridge and the eyes. It took two nights I think to get it right. Then I wrapped it in saran and kept it cold until the cake/body was done. The cake was just stacked 8" rounds, carved to a mound, covered in brown fondant in the front, and wrapped around the back with off-white fondant. I just draped the 'robe' around and worked with however it fell. Added a hood to cover some tears, and the front edging was also an attempt at covering tears and holes. The front of the robe is not ideal-- so that'd be the one thing I'd do differently. Would work with smaller pieces vs. trying to wrap one big piece. Oh, and the light saber was too small, but the larger versions I had were too hard to attach and get at the right angle, so I just went with it. But in the end this was a MAJOR show stopper at my son's Star Wars party. He was sooooo thrilled, so I was over the moon!


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