Yue Lao God Of Marriage

My favorite wedding cake thus far! The groom and I worked together to come up with this original cake design. His wife is from Thailand and he is an American. They met in China when they became each others' respective language tutor. There is a folktale, or belief in the Man in the Moon, or Yue Lao, the God of Marriage and the Red String of Fate. Yue Loa ties an invisable red string around the ankle of a man and a women who are destined to marry. This cake tells that story. The bride loves to dance and has a daughter who loves to paint. The groom is paddling over to China in order to learn a new culture, not realizing at the time he was following the Red String of Fate. Everything is hand sculpted. Waves are royal icing brushed and colored. This picture is of the cake not complete--we added more sand at the venue--see the next picture for it as completed.


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