Tottenham Hotspur Football Shirt - 60Th Birthday

Made from 2 x 10-inch square cakes, 2?-inch strip cut from one side then cut at an angle to make the sleeves (leaving enough for a small square cake each for my husband and I to have with a cup of tea once I was finished - for quality control purposes obviously. Covered in white fondant with navy fondant accents. The front logo was transferred by tracing onto clear plastic with a marker pen, flipping it over and painting the outline in reverse with gel-paste colour (not very easy because it was basically a liquid going onto a waterproof backing so didn't behave itself) then flipping it back and laying on top of the cake (a real 'death or glory' moment - if I'd dropped it or wiggled it, there would have been a lot of tears and another covering of white fondant to start again). Luckily it landed in the right spot first time and gave enough of an outline for me to paint the detail using thinned out gel-paste colouring.


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