Wine Bottle In A Crate

Check out my picture tutorial for this cake on facebook: search "Celebrate with cake and more" Everything is edible. Lemon cake with raspberry filling. Gumpaste/fondant wine bottle with edible image. This was made for a man who works in the wine business and loves golf. Thanks for looking!

I'm updating the description with a few details on how I made the wine bottle cake because I've had several requests. I used a combination of instructions found in a Confetti Cakes Book (the one with the brown purse on the cover) and an online blog called Sugar Sweet Cakes and Treats.

The cake is just an 11x15 sheet cake cut in half and stacked. I was actually trying for a flat, firm box, but my fondant wasn't cooperating plus I think I used too much buttercream. Oh well, so then I really roughed it up with scratches and uneven top edge to make it look beat up with warped wood! Very warped! LOL. For the wine bottle, I tinted fondant/gumpaste dark green and molded it over a real wine bottle heavily coated with cornstarch. I trimmed the fondant so it covered a little less than half the bottle so I would be able to remove it. I let it dry for 4 days and then CAREFULLY worked it off the real bottle. Then painted it with vodka & dark green & navy food gel. Let it dry, attached edible image and top band. I designed the edible image on my computer and took it to my local grocery store bakery to have them print the edible image. Some of the dark green kind of bled through the label which I wasn't happy with at first. But then decided it made it looked aged. Then I accidentally dripped the brown "stain" on the label. So to make in not look so accidental, I just spattered it some more!!

After it was on the cake I brushed it with a mixture of vodka & corn syrup to give it the glossy look. The leaves are hand cut, used a template I printed off and jagged the edges with a small star cutter. The packaging is shaved almond bark. Also special thanks to Cakepro and sillywabbitz who answered several questions for me while I worked on the wine bottle. Thanks so much for all your nice comments!


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