Louis Vuitton Purse & Louboutin Shoe

Louis Vuitton Purse & Louboutin Shoe on Cake Central

Wanted to share my version of a purse and shoe since they both had some unique/difficult properties. The purse is a LV Fleur De Jais - which has a black floral pattern (with some grey) and sequins. I made the purse, then painted black & grey in the pattern. For sequins, I bought gelatin sheets, hole punched them and added lustre dust and black glitter. I then painted the LV logo on the cake. Should probably have painted the logos first and then gone over them with the black because it was difficult since much of the logo pattern was covered partially. (I was afraid of the gold luster dust coming through the black, though.). For the shoe, I had a hard time finding the best way to make a closed toe (which I find so much more difficult!). I bought a cheap shoe to use as my model and to dry my base (thanks PinkCakeBox turorial). After that dried, I sculpted the toe area out of Sculpey clay and saran wrapped it. I used this "mold" to dry a piece of gum paste on top. One my gum paste mold toe area was dry, I attached it to my shoe base. After good and dry, I was able to wrap the shoe in 1 piece of gum paste for the shoe top. My gum paste toe mold" underneath was a perfect support for the over laying shoe cover. Hope this makes sense! Thanks for looking!


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