Flipflops 3 Tiered

Flipflops 3 Tiered on Cake Central

Flipflops, ALL SCRATCH 6/8/10 (Strawberry w/Straw Filling, Orange Dreamsicle w/filling, Double Dk Choc w/P.Butter filling...yes, make my own Peanut Butter!). Used SPS first time. LOVE it! All BC, except flipflops/stars which are CK Gumpaste. Stars were stuck in min-straws before inserting into cake. MMF covered cakeboard. DISCO dust over all! LUV that stuff! Cake is for two 9 y/o girls who shared same birthday. *next* time, will NOT be a chicken & will SPS/STACK first! LOL! (CSM, TFL!) (BIG Thank You to jemmjenks for inspiration!!!)


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