Mermaid Cake

this is a funny cake. My son comes home from daycare (a home daycare) and says that Mrs. Kathy is mad that you didnt make her a cake for her birthday. Of course she was kidding, but I had no clue it was her birthday. So i rushed into action baking a cake at 6:00pm for the next morning to deliver. So it had to be simple...right. My son (4 years old) said Mrs Kathy needs a mermaid cake and it has to be pink. Mermaid? I guess he just likes mermaids. Well the icing was horrible, I think it was the humidity, so I just scribbled all over it to make it look better. lol. Then I attempted a mermaid. Well, I have never mad an adult figure. Everything has been babies, which are round heads and I never have to do eyes, etc. So I worked on this mermaid all night long. I cant do hair either...eyes,.nothing. So i just started moulding thinking about all the facial features of a woman. Looking at the pics i am not all that impressed, but after seeing the first 2 or 3 attempts at a womans head....this one was perfect! lol. Needless to say she was a bit surprised by the mermaid....but I think it was cute that he wanted her to have a mermaid cake, so I made him/her one.


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