Simple Wedding Cake With Ribbon And Fresh Flowers

Simple Wedding Cake With Ribbon And Fresh Flowers on Cake Central

My first wedding cake. Was actually more simple than some of my birthday cakes. I actually made it a bit larger than they needed and thank goodness...look at the size of those flowers. HAHAHA I was not pleased when the florist showed up on the day of the wedding no less with these HUGE flowers but the bride wasn't upset so I guess it was okay. Other than the flowers all went well for a first wedding cake. :)

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Wow! Looks awesome. And this definitely means that first is not necessarily the most humble. How can I order the same work from you? My son is going to get married soon. He found his soulmate on localbbwhookup and his girlfriend likes cakes. Please wish us happiness too. My son was so desperate after his first wife's death.