Banana Cupcake With Keylime Cream Cheese Frosting

Banana Cupcake With Keylime Cream Cheese Frosting on Cake Central

I made a banana cupcake from scratch. Then frosted the cupcake with a key lime cream cheese frosting. This was a request from the soon to be bride and although I had my reservations on the combination, I tried out a smaller batch for the hubby, my kids, neighbors and myself so that we could try them before the cupcake order needed to be done and delivered. I didn't want the bride and all of her guests for her bachelorette party to be disappointed. To my surprise they were really tasty! I only used 2 tbsp worth of fresh squeezed key lime juice added to my regular recipe of cream cheese. It gave the cream cheese a zing but wasn't overpowering. I also want to mention I really DON'T like anything lime, but this was super yummy!


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