Lacrosse Themed 18Th Birthday

This is a Lacrosse field and jersey that I put together for a girl's 18th Birthday. I used my edible printer for the designs. Her parents asked that the logo for this years' t-shirts make it onto the cake, this the FHS designs in the front and around the cake.

FOR THE CAKE: I covered the entire cake in fondant (it is 1.5 cakes high, Melissa Strauss' vanilla cake recipe) then did the "pearls" by using my smallest cookie cutter then rolling them into balls. I cut the strips for the field free-hand then placed them on and piped the grass around it.

FOR THE JERSEY: I used one cake, baked, leveld, filled and dirty-iced with buttercream. I covered the cake in fondant. I then added the details of the jersey free-hand and used the quilting tool to give the impression of stitching. I used my AmeriColor marker to write the tag.

**Just a side note, after always using Wilton markers and using AmeriColor for the first time I will NEVER go back to Wilton again! The AmeriColor was precise, i didn't have to press down for it to work, it didn't bleed... it was amazing!!! **

Thanks for looking! :)


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