Tree Stump Cake With Mounted Deer Horns

Tree stump cake with mounted deer horns for Aubreys 19th. I used tons of designs from here as inspirations- thank you everyone! Key Lime cake with key lime cream cheese icing covered in fondant and edible gumpaste decorations. The horns were a half-scaled replica of the deer my DH killed this season. I was thankful he got one I could use as an example! lol. He was out of town so I didn't have him handle to consult with on hunting stuff but I made it through. I used all kinds of stuff including oreos, tootsie rolls, sugar rocks from Earlene Moore's recipe. I even wanted it to have the red mud and poison ivy that Georgia cursed with. Sure, the horns are sitting a little wonky and its kinda over-busy but it appears that's my style. :) lol. MMF, Duff's fondant and Nick Lodge Tylose paste all used. RKT mount for the horns. Wheat spaghetti noodles for cattails.


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