Gumpaste Patio Table

The table here is completely made of gum paste. I cut the table top with the garret frill cutter and used various small cutters to imprint the design on the top. I used a # 6 Wilton tip to cut the circles that make the lacy design. Once it was dry I painted it black with Wilton gel mixed with vodka. The umbrella is gum paste as well. I used wires over a glass globe to give it its shape and the base is gum paste over heavy gauge wire. I did each section of the base separately and joined them after they were dry. The pole for the umbrella is a skewer and it goes all the way to the bottom as a support for the whole piece. The chairs (which I'll admit are a tad sloppy) are RKT covered in gum paste, but there is no reason they couldn't be made the same way as the table. The trick is to give yourself enough time and to have the patience to allow each piece to dry completely before assembly. I started with the table top a month in advance for the housewarming cake that it was a part of. The table top took about four days to dry completely. I dried it on a sponge surface and turned it over every few hours.


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