Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake, with Mickey hat smash, made for my friend's son who turned one! Base cake is 11x15, chocolate cake, vanilla mousse filling and french vanilla buttercream frosting. Mickeys body (the red part) is banana cake covered in B/C then fondant, Mickeys hand, arm, foot, leg, and big round head all RKT covered in B/C and fondant. Everything is edibile except for the neck, which is a one inch PVC pipe that is running through the base cake and Mickeys body, going to his big head :) The Mickey hat smash cake is also a banana cake made just for Carter. Mickey ears were attached with melted chocolate. The fene and stars were fondant, with my best "Disney Font" handwriting I had! This was so much fun to put together, but it did take me forever, as this was a first in this type of construction for me. Thanks so much for all the great pictures of other Clubhouse cakes here on CC, they were all great inspirations!


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