Harley Davidson Birthday Cake

One layer of vanilla sponge stacked on top of a layer of chocolate sponge with vanilla butter cream filling and vanilla butter cream frosting. This cake was a 10x10x4 square - it was pretty tall and very heavy. I had three motorcycles driving around the cake. I wanted to cheat and use an edible image for the Harley Davidson logo, but the bake shop would not print it due to copy right laws. I had to hand pipe the logo and the motorcycles out of butter cream. So I ended up using a mirror image of the motorcycle and logo and piping gel to stamp the image on the cake and then went over it with butter cream. I think the logo and motorcycles came out nice. What was very disappointing was the different powered sugar I used. For some reason it was very crystal like and the food coloring didn?t absorbed into the icing when I was coloring it. It seems to separate. the orange looked just awful. Now all I have to do if figure out which brand of powdered sugar I bought so it won?t happen again! Last photo had sparklers in the cake?what's a Harley cake without a bit of fire!!


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