Wish Bear Cake~

He is rainbow inside!! -colour my vanilla batter -pour it in to the appropriate sized cake pans, 2x 10' rounds -bake -cut out head and body as one (i do not have patterns, i look at pictures of carebears on the internet, lol) -use the remaining peices of cake to form the arms and feet -stack everything to resemble the shape, making sure all your edges are rounded -ice with buttercream -cover the body+feet with blue fondant -cover arms seperately , then push them into place -make all the stich markings -add the white fondant on his tummy, indent the pattern with the stitching tool -make the star from fondant along with his ears , hair, nose and eyes -hand paint all the detail -use buttercream for the cloud attach all the peices and voila ....Wish Bear! Hope this helps :)

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