My 35Th Anniversary Cake

My 35Th Anniversary Cake on Cake Central

I made this cake for my 35th Wedding Anniversary. I celebrated with a jibaro wedding, (a jibaro is a Puerto Rican peasant ) It was to honor my parents who were married in P.R. in 1940, as well as to pay tribute to my Puerto Rican heritage. The cake has a house made to look like houses of that era. My parents lived on a hill, and down the hill there was a stream with a flamboyant tree near by, (a typical Puerto Rican tree which is seen all over the island with its beautiful red blossoms). The cake was oval tiers, frosted in buttercream icing. Two were yellow cake, and since I am gluten intolerant, the top tier was a gluten free Italian creame cake, so I could have my cake and eat it, too. The flowers were made of royal icing and the rocks are made of fondant. The stream is colored piping gel.


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