Our dentist is an old family friend. When I found out he was being thrown a surprise party at his office, I offered to make a cake for it. I haven't done an all frosting cake for over a year. (And this is only my second.) I don't have any sheet cake pans, so I used baking sheets. Unfortunately, the corners went down a bit, but my husband thought they were suppose to be that way. LoL. I look forward to having a sheet cake pan some day. =) I also hoped that the frosting sheets would "meld" into the frosting, but no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to look mixed in. Although, I think it turned out okay. This was also a first time piping a design frosting along the sides. I've squeeze straight out before, but not shaping it. So it was all a good learning experience. Devil's Food cake & Indydebi's Buttercream. TFL!


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