Cowgirl Birthday Cake

Cowgirl Birthday Cake on Cake Central

I baked a 1/2 sheet cake and split it horizontally down the center, then cut it down the center from top to bottom, and right to left, making 4 2 layer oblongs. I filled and iced the layers using 3 layers to 2 of the cakes and 2 layers on one. I iced the layers with golden yellow and lemon yellow butterdream icing using the cake icer tip with the ribbed side out to make lines in the cake. I then ran a sharp knife up all sides and across the top of the cakes to make it more straw-like. I melted white chocolate in a disposable decorating bag in the microwave, cut off the very tip, and squirted thin lines of chocolate onto waxed paper. I chilled them and carefully broke them into small pieces and stuck in all surfaces of the cakes to look like straw pieces. I then airbrushed all the haybales with a light brown. I ran a skewer across the haybales where the wire would go and piped gray buttercream" wire". I made the boots out of krispy treats and covered them with fondant. The scarf is fondant that I handpainted, the sheriff star and horseshoe are gumpaste, and the cowboy hat is a small cake for the birthday girl. I made the brim out of a gumpaste/fondant mix. The vest is fondant, and the small "happy birthday " sign is gumpaste.


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