Monster Bash

Monster Bash on Cake Central

The cake and surrounding scenery is almost to big to fit in one picture, but I did my best. The cake itself is siting upon an inberted cake pan whch I covered the sides to make it look like a stone wall. The bottom teir is the mid size paisly pan and the top is a small oval. I cared the pathway on both cake in order to "connect" the two. Off the the right there is a graveyard with 13 headstones all with my daughters favorite horor author/actor. The house on the top of the hill was supposed to be a color flow piece, but the humidity got the best of the two I cast orriginally so I ended up cutting it out of foam. Pumpkins are fondant and the figurines I bought at Michaels. This was my first BIG cake and I had a great time making it.


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