Creepy Halloween Pumpkin

The base of this cake is a 10-inch round, iced with chocolate B/C. For the pumpkin I used two small bundt pans (1 for the bottom layer and 1 for the top layer), in between I used two 6-inch pans. I used MMF to build up the facial features, I also put a thin layer of black MMF where the eyes, nose and mouth were to be. Next I covered the pumpkin with orange MMF. I used a knife to cut the orange away at the eyes, nose and mouth (leaving the black to show), then used my hands to shape the face. I painted on a tad bit of moss green and added MMF pumpkins seeds. I also added MMF maggots to his right eye. The stem was also made from MMF as was the vines, leaves and little creepy crawlies. The hay was piped with B/C and the tombstones around the base were made from chocolate molds. I think my "Creepy Evil Rotting Pumpkin" turned out pretty good. : )


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