Beautiful Disaster

This cake hated me from the start. :( Original design was to be 2 tiers with a buttercream top and pink/black fondant accents at the bottom. Well, the buttercream would not crust to save my life! I was running out of time I just decided to cover it in fondant. On the way to deliver the cake the large flower broke. THEN when I get to my cousins house, I was carrying the flowers separate so they wouldn't break and this huge dog come barreling out of the house barking at me!! (I didn't know she had a dog) So of course I jump and the small flower goes flying straight on the to cement! CRACK! SO, I "fixed" the large flower with the broken piece of the small and the small with the broken piece of the large.....It would have been cuter, but it is what it is! My cousins 14 year old daughter loved the cake so that's what counts!! TFL!!


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