My First Barbie Cake

I am super critical of myslef and I notice a bunch of flaws, but this is my first try and just learning to use tips to make flowers and other decorations. This is a real Barbie with legs covered in plastic wrap, I thought the cake dolls were really unattractive and this way the doll is a gift as well. Since her bodice is part of her, she made a really beautiful cake. I specifically chose one with hair in an updo so that it didn't get frosting on it. I used a stainless steel bowl to cook my dome and a round for the base, it was just tall enough. It is a strawberry cake with tinted buttercream frosting. I followed the Wilton's recipe and am very happy with the outcome. So easy to spread and the flowers were nice and firm. I mixed my base color, pulled out what I needed for decorating and then thinned the frosting a bit for spreading. Then I tinted the flower color a little darker.


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