4 Tier Round Wedding Cake With Roses

It took some time for the bride to decide what cake she wanted, but as she had her hearts set on a very classical and delicately decorated wedding cake, she decided to go for an all white cake with roses. The cake was for about 50 persons, not including the top layer as this was to be frosen in and preserved for their first anniversary. Allthough the bride really didn't want any other decorations other than the lilac and pink roses with green leaves (her choice) I did end up making a pearl border at the bottoms of the cakes and little roll roses in the middle part, just to hide the edges and center pilar. I wasn't too fond of the cake stand my self, but it was their specific choice. Personally, I would have kept the roses and leaves white aswell with this all white cake, but the couple was so thrilled on the outcome. Already the day after their wedding, they send me an e-mail telling me the cake was beyond their wildest dreams. What a thrill to make someones special day so complete by presenting them the best cake. It made my day! Especcially since this was the very first wedding cake I ever delivered and built on location. All fondant! Vanilla Sky (own recipe) with Perfect Plum filling (own recipe) and white chocolate ganache filling.Thanks so much for looking!


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