Punk Rock Topsy Turvy

I had so much fun making this cake for my sisters 13th birthday!! It is my first topsy-turvy cake!! I took inspiration from my sisters style for the design which I call funky punk in her favourite colours. The bottom tier is three 10 rounds carved down to 8 at the base, the middle tier is two 8 rounds carved down to 6 at the base and the top tier is a dummy (was going to be real but I overdid the amount of cake needed so changed it at the last minute). The bottom tier is French vanilla WASC with an oreo filling I got from CC, and the middle is chocolate cake with a peanut butter and chocolate filling. All levels were covered in chocolate gananche before being covered in fondant. I decorated each layer, kept them separate for travel (4 hours!!!) and assembled them on site using dowels in the bottom layer for support. We were able to have the bottom layer for the family birthday and then I fixed up the rest so that it was a whole new cake for her party with friends! She LOVED it and I figure there is no bigger compliment then a group of teenage girls oohing and awing over a cake!


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