Bass Fish Cake

This is the cake I made for my nephew Cole, who absolutely LOVES to fish! I also made lures, sinkers and bobbers out of gum paste and put them on cupcakes. The fish is rice cereal treats covered in fondant then textured and carved and hand painted. The water is strawberry cake covered in blue buttercream. This was my 2nd sculpted/3D cake. It was so fun to make!

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I love this cake!   Please tell me how you painted it. What colors did you use?  How "tall" is the body and how "tall" is the tail?  I am trying to make this and can't quite get the color I want.  Thanks for your help.  Just love this!!


Thank you!

I have a tutorial of sorts on Instructables, here:

I painted it using gel food colors and vodka. In order to get the green that's not bright, add a little red to the mix of green and vodka. Just a very tiny bit at a time, as a little goes a long way. Red is opposite green on the color wheel so red is used to dull down and darken the green so it's not so bright and green.

I think (can't remember exactly, it has been a long time!) that the body/head part of the fish was around 9-10 inches tall and the tail end about 2 inches shorter than that.

I hope this helps! :)