Mint Green/royal Purple Jarrett Wedding Cake

This is a 6", 10" and 14" with 2 10" satellite cakes. The construction is Globe and each satellite cake is setting on the 2" globes with a piece of the hidden pillar cut to fit the globes to add support for the cakes since they are being used as a base. The cake topper is 100% gumpaste consisting of Royal Purple roses accented with Mint Green roses and white stephotis and babies breath. The monogram is a gumpaste heart that is actually 2 hearts placed together with a wire between for support and the top one has been ruffled. The "G" is a gumpaste pearl string. The vase is gumpaste as well that sat on a gumpaste "platter". The satellite cakes have a gumpaste heart plaque with an arrangement of roses with stephanotis and babies breath. This was a big hit at the reception.


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