Iggle Piggle And Stars

Iggle Piggle And Stars on Cake Central

This is for my friends little bow the same little boy I made the boy baby blocks (in my pics) for last year. He loves Iggle piggle the rest I got to do what I fancied. Lots of shiny stars. 8 and 6 inch vanilla madeira cakes 3 layers of filling then buttercreamed and iced. After a little problem that could only be solved by ripping off all the blue icing re buttercreaming and making more icing I'm quite happy with this one. It's bright and colourful not quite what I was originally going to do but I think it works. TFL gumpaste starts on wires covered with rainbow glitter. on 22 guage wire. Iggle piggle is gumpaste. stars and stripes are fondant with a tiny but of gumpaste mixed in just to make it a bit stiffer as the icing was really shoft.


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