Strawberry Shortcake

This was my first filling type cake. I made this for my bestfriend, Mia for her birthday. A child at heart but she wanted a "big girl" themed Strawberry Shortcake. I used french vanilla and swiss chocolate box mixes using an extender recipe and layered with strawberry cream cheese with a hint of mango filling. Used 10' and 6' pans. Strawberry on top is fondant and the pic of Strawberry Girl is a laminated pic stuck into the strawberry with a toothpick. I didn't have an impression mat for the diamond "quilt" look so I did that manually. lol. That was hard. Scrollwork on bottom layer, I free handed but that was not an easier! lol This was a challenge for me as it was a first of many things for me. Didn't realize when I put the top layer on it would settle towards the back. So in the additional pics you will see it is leaning a bit. NOT what I intended but she loved it anyway and I have learned something along the way~!


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