Bollywood Birthday (Or Wedding) Cake

This cake is for a young lady turning 29 who never had a birthdaycake because of allergies. Allergenfree cakes are my specialty, this one was free of milk, lactose, soy, egg, peanuts and more. A two layer cake covered in marzipan (choice of birthday girl). She wanted everything pink and purple (I used all kinds of shades), an Indian touch (I addes paisley and other Indian looking figures) and something romantic. For that last detail, I I inserted a beautiful rose (I think you call it Piony in English?). The little sort of vase (you can use it to f.e. put one rose in for like a wedding, don't know what it's called) was inserted into the top cake, filled halfway with water and securely closed. The rose seemed to bloom out of the cake (she picked the cake up one day before so the rose actually started to bloom (blossom) during the birthday itself) and I put a thin sheet of flower plastic between the marzipan decoration and the rose. Finally, I covered the flower with a little vase turned upside down, to give it a mysterious chrystal bowl effect. I told her she had to look into the crystal bowl and would see how her she was just starting to blossom in her life. She loved it! Personally I think this sort of theme could do very well on a wedding aswell. Thanx for looking!


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