World Of Warcraft Cantilever Cake

This is my attempt at a cantilever cake. I made this cake for my own birthday, and I wanted it to be something different and WoW-themed. My husband and I both play World of Warcraft (as do many of our friends). This cake was a labor of love, but I think it turned out pretty fantastic. I don't have a background in art, and all the painting and cutouts were done freehand. The structure is: 1/2" plywood base, flange, pvs adapter (I call it a screwcap), PVC pipe for center support, and dowel rods for support under each tier. Only one tier was fake, and I only did that to minimize the amount of leftover cake. One side was my character, another was a zoomed in shot of her weapon, the bottom was her pet (a wolf) with the Kill Command icon, and the rest were other shots and aspects related to hunters in the game.


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