Giraffe Cake

Giraffe Cake on Cake Central

This was attempt #2 at cake decorating, made about a week after my number one cake (which I learnt a LOT from). This one was for my son to take to creche for morning tea. The cake was pretty big, so I ended up buying a roasting dish to bake it in. The only problem was the edges cooked a lot faster than the middle. I've been advised to try putting a 'flower nail' in next time to try and help. I froze it before cutting it, which helped reduce the crumbs. Then did a crumb coating of buttercream, before the final coating. Black royal icing for the lines/eyes/mouth/nose, fruit roll-up for the mane/tail, and licorice for the horns. The brown triangles are chocolate which I melted into a square, then cut up before it was 100% set. Same with the eyes. The kids at creche loved it, and I was stoked with it!


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