Bowling Girl

My daughter's birthday came with the request for a bowling cake that was for a girl - she decided it must have a girl on it who was bowling. LOL. She drew me many pictures of what she wanted and I improvised from there. There was a lot I wanted to try on this cake but time constraints dictated a simpler approach. So many things happening this time of year. FIrst time I made WASC cake and I must say - I now understand why it is so popular - YUM. I tried indydebi's buttercream for the first time and found I needed to add more shortening as I live in a very dry climate and it was crusting too much but the end result was nothing short of fabulous. I usually do not use fondant on children's cake but I knew it would give me the best look for the bowling lane and I really wanted to try my new wood impression mat. So since I had fondant I went with it. Funny thing is most of the kids ate the fondant and left the cake. Lol. WASC (vanilla) with a layer of chocolate cake sandwiched in between with indydebi's buttercream filling and icing, covered in fondant.


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