Birthday Surprise Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

I made this for my buddy's 6 year old daughter. This was my first attempt at a tiered cake-- based on many Minnie cakes on CC. But I added my twist of the 3D fondant and RCT Minnie Mouse popping out of the top. That part was inspired by a dragon cake I saw from Mike's Amazing Cakes. I used a Cricut Cake to cut out the text and the Minnie icons around the bottom tier. I'm really pleased with the way the 3D Minnie turned out. It was my 3rd try making a Minnie out of fondant. This time, I tried to make the hands and face more expressive. The final assembled cake had stars around the back of Minnie, but I don't have any pictures of it-- I did the final assembly at his house.


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