3D Dragon Cake

Sadly, this dragon JUST missed the deadline for the contest....sigh. Done for my best friend's son's 16th. He wanted a scary dragon. All edible. Head is RKT. Everything else is cake with MMF. Gumpaste links. Dragon is ripping off his collar ready to strike. Took pics before adding the birthday banner because I thought the banner might take away from it but it actually looked good after I added it. Both parents are artists and thoroughly appreciated the detail. The dad actually airbrushed the backside so I had to "try" to replicate what he did on the front side. Easily my best work to date!!! They DID NOT want to cut this cake. So much so we forgot to sing happy birthday as the bday boy cut it...hahahaha! But, alas, the dragon was slain and we had cake! 24"long x 22" wide. Stand is 3' long by 2 1'2 wide for scale reference.

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