Dug The Armadillo

My sister calls me up this Tuesday and says "how quickly can you make me a cake" I say "depends on what kind of cake you want." She then proceeds to tell me that she and a close friend were drinking on night and this friend told my sister that all she wanted for her birthday was a armadillo cake like from Steel Magnolias and that was what my sister wanted to do for her. Not wanting dissapoint my sister or pass up the opportunity to make a potentially awesome cake I said yes and off to the store I went. It is a red velvet cake (of course) sculpted and covered with cream cheese icing then gray fondant that I had hand texturized with a small circle cutter and the bone tool. I dont have and air brush machine or I would have sprayed him for more dimention in the grooves. The client LOVED the cake and named it Dug cause its cuteness reminded her of the dog from th movie Up.


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