Giant Pig Cake Disaster

I had posted my pig cake previously - sadly, during transportation some *&^#% decided to short stop in from of us. We couldn't swerve, so the driver had to hit the gas. The actual cake shifted. I thought that was it. Then i saw the head slowly shifting... and sliding ... and sliding. So I'm sitting in the back seat reaching over to the back holding this pigs head praying it would make it. We carried it in (mind you it was about 3.35 feet tall) we set it on the table and i called the couple into the room to quickly to take pictures of the cake before it fell. I told them that i didn't think it would not survive. :-( This is the result... i surely learned a great lesson, more that one lesson. So now i have a question to throw out there since I'm new to this. What do you do when something like this happens? Do you give a full refund? I did. Just wondering what other people do.


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