How To Train Your Dragon Zippleback Dragon Cake

My middle son C has autism, and until his 5th birthday he had NO INTEREST in parties in fact they were torture. So when birthday 5 comes around he really got into it. I made him a gaint Wall E cake. This year he turned 6 and after just seeing the "How to Train Your Dragon" movie he decided that's what his party needed to be and was VERY SPECIFIC on how it should go. I asked him what cake he wanted and he said "A 2 headed 2 tailed blue zippleback dragon". I figured heck if your gonna do a dragon. GO ALL OUT. Of course his excitement also fueled this almost 5 ft long dragon cake.

Necks, legs, and tails are chocolate rice krispies covered in mmf. Heads are gluten free casein free cake covered in milk free orange butter cream and mmf. Body is 4 layers of butter cake covered in orange buttercream icing and mmf. Spiked are mmf, wings are gumpaste. I sketched my design out on paper and my husband then took it to work and blew it up to scale on his plotter. So I had a scale size drawing to work with the whole time. It was mega handy.

Oh I had to add a action shot too. The paper under the dragon actually caught fire during the happy birthday song! It was pretty funny!!!.


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