Giant Penguin Cake

Giant Penguin Cake on Cake Central

It's hard to tell from this picture but the penguin was HUGE. It was nearly two feet tall and the whole thing was edible. It had to weigh nearly 20-25 pounds. I made it out of rice krispies and buttercream and then covered it in marshmallow fondant. The eyes, beak, headphones, and microphone were made separately and then attached using skewers and buttercream to make sure it would all stay on for the hour drive north to the reception site.

I wish I could give some advice or tutorial on how to make said penguin but my only advice would be .... buy LOTS of extra rice cereal and marshmallows because you will keep running out of those ingredients even though you think you have plenty. I made the rice krispies and formed them into flat rectangles so that they could cool and harden. Then, I kept layering the "sheets" on top of each other with buttercream being sure to insert cardboard supports in two areas within the penguin (about 1/3 of the way up and again at 2/3 of the way up). Once it was the right height, I shaved it down to the right shape using a large serrated knife. I then covered the whole thing in buttercream and chilled it in the fridge. I shaved it down once again because when making a 3-D cake, it has to be pretty perfectly shaved, otherwise the bumps and nicks will show through in the fondant. Then I covered the whole penguin in marshmallow fondant. I added the white belly, headphones, eyes, and arms. Phew! It was so much fun and in the end, it was a pretty amazing feat! Perhaps more people will want giant edible penguins in the future... I know I do!


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