Jonah's 2Nd Birthday

Spiral cake carved from Strawberry cake, covered with MMF, and decorted with MMF details on outside of cake, and 50/50 fondant/gum paste figures. Each figure is one of Jonah's favorates selected especially to represent each letter of his name: J-Jack from "Jack's Big Music Show", O-Olivia the Pig, N- Nemo, A-Alligator, H-Horse, and The Count to showcase his birthday number, #2. The fondant on the cake was a royal nightmare, that I peeled off and replaced with new, but still had problems with tearing. My wise instructor from the Wilton classes that I took last year told us more than once that a flower can be used to mask any problem, but for this cake it took a tree. Transporting the cake proved to be a little rough for the characters when my helpful 9-year-old son jostled them around in their box while carrying them in to the venue. Several ears, arms, and legs had to be reattached before they could be placed on the cake. Over all, I was very pleased with the results, and my sister and my nephew loved the cake. Jonah played with the characters for two days, and the Count survived to be taken to work by my sister so her co-workers could see him. A big "Thank-You" to all of those who previously posted inspirational characters that they have created in the past! TFL!


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