Wedgwood Inspiration

60th brthday cake ...I was inspired by wedgwood japerware...Vanilla and chocolate cake layers, filled with chocolate buttercream and marzipan, and covered with vanilla fondant. The paisley lace are handpiped royal icing pieces which are individually stuck onto the fondant scolloped circles. The white flower pattern inbetween the two rows of lace are fondant cut outs for which I used the JEM elegant scroll cutter and cut out just the top half of the centre of the scroll design. I made all the flowers (pansy, chincherinchees, gypsophila) and foliage (ivy etc) and stand for the 60 out of gumpaste. The filigree 60 was also hand piped with royal icing. Fixing the lace pieces was torture but well worth the effort :) TFL!


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