Twilight Themed Cake For My Niece

I am not a Twilight fan but my niece loved the movie and she asked me to bake her a Twilight themed cake so Auntie complied. Instead of doing the chess board, I played with the idea and the colors. The top tier is a basic cake of vanilla flavor with cookies and cream pudding for filling. The bottom tier is chocolate cake with same filling. I used red and white M&M's for decoration on both cakes. The cupcakes are red velvet and cookies and cream cupcakes topped with vanilla icing, black sprinkles over the red velvet cupcakes and Oreo cookies over the cookies and cream. The "apple" and chess piece are made of fondant. The letters are made of black fondant. To make it "Twilight" I stuck that picture on top. The cake was a success and my niece loved it.


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